Proposal 6: Strike section 1.21 & 1.22 of current USA Rulebook [ Revision 2 ]

Committee: General Committee
Submitted on 2016-01-30
Status: Passed on February 10, 2016


Sections 1.21 & 1.22 seem outdated and are leftover from when NAUCC was only Racing and Artistic. They both refer to other sections that already adequately cover this information. I propose that we eliminate these superfluous sections.


USA Rulebook 1.21 Racing & 1.22 Artistic removed.


This proposal is contingent on the passing of the proposal for adopting Chapter 1 of the current USA Rulebook. If that proposal does not pass then this proposal will be taken off the table.



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Change Log:

Revision 2 changed by Patricia Wilton (31 Jan 12:13)

Added titles to the sections for clarity.

Revision 1 changed by Patricia Wilton (30 Jan 15:11)

Votes on this proposal:

10 out of 11 voting members have voted.

Agree: 10, Disagree: 0, Abstain: 0.

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