Strike section 1.21 & 1.22

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This is assuming that we are adopting the current USA Rulebook Chapter 1...


Sections 1.21 & 1.22 seem outdated and are leftover from when NAUCC was only Racing and Artistic. They both refer to other sections that already adequately cover this information. I propose that we eliminate these superfluous sections.


Agreed.  No question.  But this seems somewhat backward to me.

Should we vote to keep Section 1, and then make proposals to change it?  (That would totally mess up the timeline, though...)  Is there a better way?


The proposal for Section 1 will go to a vote tomorrow. I can go ahead and make this a vote as well. If the Section 1 proposal does not pass then, of course, this proposal would be unnecessary. I brought it up now in an effort to move this along as the goal is to have the rulebook committee end soon.


Agree,  these can be struck.  That said, any proposal to eliminate text should at least include the title of the section to ensure unambiguous reference. 

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