Proposal 3: Group and Club Artistic Freestyle [ Revision 2 ]

Committee: General Committee
Submitted on 2016-01-28
Status: Passed on February 07, 2016


The IUF's group competitions differ from what is usually done at NAUCC. This proposal maintains the same text that is currently in the USA Rulebook. The only changes are modified time limits to better align with the IUF.


Old Rule:

6.15 Group Freestyle Overview


New Rule:

6.15 Group Freestyle Overview

Group freestyle is divided into two categories: Club and Group. Each rider may enter each category (Club and Group) only once. For example: a rider can be in a Club routine and a Group routine, but not two Group Routines.

A rider may appear in a second Group Freestyle performance with permission of the Chief Judge, to replace a rider due to illness, injury or other mishap.

6.15.1 Group

Minimum of three riders.

6.15.2 Club

Minimum of three riders. Must be a USA Affiliated Club, and all riders must be members of said club.

6.15.3 Minimum Age Groups


6.15.4 Time Limit

Five minutes for Club, three minutes for Group.

6.15.5 Unicycles

Any type and any number.

6.15.6 Music and Costume

Same as Individual Freestyle.

6.15.7 Props and Decoration

Same as Individual Freestyle.

6.15.8 Judging Method

Same as Individual Freestyle, but with additional emphasis on teamwork and multiple person skills, such as formation riding. Extra consideration will be given to account for widely different group sizes, relative skill levels, and relative ages of riders.


The club competition is a time honored tradition at NAUCC. In order to maintain this tradition and it's fellow competition, group, the whole section had to be modified.



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Change Log:

Revision 2 changed by Patricia Wilton (30 Jan 15:16)

Changed the time of group back to three minutes.

Revision 1 changed by Patricia Wilton (27 Jan 19:31)

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