Proposal 4: USA Rule Amendments [ Revision 1 ]

Committee: General Committee
Submitted on 2016-01-28
Status: Passed on February 07, 2016


As the IUF Rulebook is making itself more and more applicable to smaller competitions, like NAUCC, it is becoming less necessary for the USA to have our own rulebook. At this point, there are still some rules that merit modification for our use at NAUCC, hence this committee's existence. However, we are at the point where we don't really need an entire rulebook to be published. 


This is not a rule change, simply a restructuring of the publication of the rulebook. See "Body" for details.


By approving this proposal you are approving the discontinuation of a completely separate USA Rulebook. In it's place will be a document of amendments. This will include:


- Chapter 1 of the current USA Rulebook (with edits as approved by this committee)

- Any passed proposals from this committee where the USA needs to differ from the IUF Rulebook




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