Proposal 1: Helmets for track racing [ Revision 1 ]

Committee: General Committee
Submitted on 2016-01-18
Status: Failed on January 29, 2016


The IUF rules do not require helmets for track racing of standard (24") or smaller unicycles.


Text from the IUF rulebook is below:


2.3 Safety Gear

Riders must wear shoes, kneepads and gloves (definitions in chapter 1d). Riders on wheels larger than 24” (or with gearing) must also wear helmets.


Propose that we carry forward the wording from the current 2014 USA rulebook:


2.3 Safety Gear


Riders must wear shoes, kneepads, helmets and gloves (definitions in chapter 1d). 


In the last update to the USA rules in 2013, the proposal was passed to mandate helmets for track racing. I propose that that we continue to deviate from the IUF by requiring helmets for track racing events.




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