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By doing a simple "find" in the USA Rulebook, it appears as if "national" should replace "international" in several places. I found one on page 86, for example:

5.30.1 Riding Area Boundaries For international competitions, the outer boundaries must be 11 x 14 meters. For other competitions, if space does not permit, the size may be smaller but will be no less than 9 x 12 meters. All lines must be at...

Certainly not a rule change, but it would be nice to neaten things up a bit...



Well technically NAUCC is an international event, despite the factor that we often forget our neighbors to the north :)


If NAUCC is technically an international event, then according to Rule 7.5 in the IUF Rulebook the we can look forward knowing about the size of the freestyle performing area at least three months before the event!

7.5 Size Of Performing Areas

Hosts must publicize the dimensions of the available performing area as far in advance of the competition as possible, and organizers of international championships at least three months prior to the event. 

Joking aside, I think there is some merit to the intent of what is being suggested here, and I think it also applies to replacing "Unicon" with "NAUCC" and occasionally "IUF" or "International Unicycling Federation" with "USA" or "Unicycling Society of America", particularly in Section 1 of the Rulebook. 

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