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I think a non-club-hosting USA Board liaison should be mandated for each NAUCC.  By that I mean that I could be the USA Board liaison for a TCUC-hosted NAUCC, but not for my own club's hosting of NAUCC.  As a future host (most likely, anyway), I would appreciate someone from the outside looking in for a potential issue.  Just last year, for example, an outsider might have been able to prevent another club from being surprised by a smaller freestyle venue.

Additionally, I think that a "cheat sheet" could be created for a USA Board liaison, based upon past problems/potential problems.  When we were in Utah in 2004, for example, we'd have been stuck with a 4 lane track had someone not been overseeing what was happening.  A cheat sheet might include:





Is Liasion a person that has any power, or is simply there to provide additional insight/oversight? How much does this liasion need to be kept informed of? 

I don't see how the liasion would have known about the gym size ahead of time unless they very specifically asked, which they would only due if it was of concern of their own club (in my opinion). You don't need to be a liasion to ask this question. As a large club, it could be reasonable to email the hosting club to confirm the gym size if it might be of concern.


P.S. We weren't able to get into the gym for measurements until the week before NAUCC. We knew the floor surface would be fine from descriptions and pictures.


Something that confuses me a bit about this suggestion is that it mandates something that the USA Board has to do. The intention of the rulebook is to govern competitions in ways that regard the host, officials, and competitors. I think it would be weird to have one rule in there that regulates the USA Board. This seems like something that belongs in the USA's bylaws or governing rules.


Know it is a sidebar to the original thread, but I think the artistic space requirements as written are sufficient:

6.17 Size Of Performing Areas
The minimum size for an Artistic Freestyle event must be 28 x 15 meters. Hosts shall give additional space to riders. Hosts must publicize the dimensions of the available performing area as far in advance of the competition as possible, and organizers of international championships at least three months prior to the event.

Recognize Wendy's concern that large groups and even advanced freestyle riders would be challenged by the minimum size space, however, the rules define a minimum and also a notice request.


Onto another part of the original comment,  there was some discussion at the USA meeting in Madison at which I was under the impression that Sean had already indicated that he was going to draft a "Convention 101" and was looking for input from prior event directors for content.  Will admit I haven't seen anything happening on this front, but as  a prior event coordinator, I would have found this quite helpful.

It is, however, not a "rulebook" issue but rather a good practice for USA to pursue as part of a successful convention.

IMO, no rulebook implications from a "convention 101" checklist / guidebook.



And, now the third part of the suggestion ... don't IUF rules already identify this role with the substitution of IUF with USA for the national event:

IUF Board Of Directors: The IUF Board represents the interests of the IUF on convention requirements, both in the area of competition rules and the necessary spaces
and facilities for them, and for any other requirements that go along with putting on an IUF convention. If problems arise in meeting the IUF requirements, the IUF Board and Convention Host work together to find solutions or compromises. The bulk of this should happen during the early planning stages for a convention, when facilities and schedules are being assembled.

IUF Convention Liaison: The Liaison is an optional person who can represent the IUF Board when communicating with convention hosts. The Liaison essentially has the
same powers as the IUF Board, but must report to the IUF Board and take direction from it.

So, once again, I don't think this is a rules issue, it is a practice at the USA level in regard to how they wish to exercise.


David is working on putting together a NAUCC Handbook. It is in early stages still.


I agree that this doesn't need to be in the rulebook.


I think after reading these we look at how USA helps the host but i don't think it needs to be in the rule book 

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