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Not sure there is a rule proposal to emerge from this or not, but wanted to start the discussion.  Last year there was a track setup error in a staggered race that could not be corrected timely enough to allow re-racing those heats that had already occurred.  I am of the opinion that the race results should have been scrapped as the mathematical extrapolation does not truly reflect actual race conditions.   In particular am thinking of effort / lack of effort due to visible position on entrance into home stretch.

Errors will and do occur.   In my opinion the race results should have been scrapped once the determination was made that time constraints would prohibit correction.

Others thoughts?


While I agree that it was an egregious error, I think it was handled in the best way possible.  Please bear in mind that it was a non Unicon year, meaning that track times can be awfully important for Unicon participation, and all competitors were given the option to rerun.

More importantly, that error most likely would have been avoided had the track officials been allowed on the track prior to race day. I am in NO WAY blaming the hosts for the inability to visit the track.  In fact, the hosts had made arrangements for a visit; the school's workers were not cooperative.  I do not know how that could be avoided with any rule in the future.

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