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I have been considering creating a muni orienteering event for a future NAUCC, so I'm glad to see it mentioned in 1.3.  Unfortunately, that's the last mention about orienteering in the rulebook.

Is it worth adding anything to the USA rulebook?


If you want to include this competition at a future NAUCC then this would be possible, even if the rules aren't in the Rulebook. The hosts would write up rules for three competition and get them approved by the USA board. This is what was done in the past with cyclocross and xstyle. If the rules prove to be successful and it is a popular competition then we could look at adding them to the Rulebook. So for now I think we can hold off. 


I am of the opinion (though probably need to scan the actual words of the rulebook) that additional events are at the discretion of the host.  Thus an orienteering event could be run if the host so elected.  I suspect formalizing rules only is needed once the expectation exists for a standardized competition across multiple events.  Thus orienteering could be a workshop or a competition at the discretion of the host.

Did it in Switzerland and had lots of fun, so would love to see it again.  That said, don't think formal rules are needed.  I would suggest drafting a set, circulate as part of the "uniqueness" of the next NAUCC (assuming host agrees to support) and if they work well push for adoption.

My suspicion is that most folks probably haven't been exposed and thus wouldn't be much constructive input / validation.


Garret not sure what muni orienteering is but we could sure look at doing something this year my club is hosting shot me an email and we can talk more about it

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