1.6 Terminology discrepancy

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If we are going to adopt the current chapter 1 in the USA Rulebook then we need to modify this section. The IUF Rulebook has reverted back to using the word Artistic to describe a freestyle performance. This is in order to differentiate from Standard Skill and X-Style which also are considered a part of the freestyle discipline. 


Here is the rule, I propose that we just delete the last sentence (in bold). It is out of date anyways as Street and Flatland are no longer in the same discipline or rulebook chapter.

Event hosts must learn and use the proper names and terminology for our sport and competition events. They should take care not to continue the misuse of outdated or incorrect names and terminology. The correct ones must be used in all announcements, advertising, publicizing, internal and external documents, and especially in any official documents, such as those within, and printed out by, convention software. For example, the specific artistic event names are Individual Freestyle, Pairs Freestyle, Group Freestyle, Flatland, Street Comp, and Standard Skill. Note that the word Artistic is not part of any of the individual event names.


I agree that this fits well with the current practices by the IUF.

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