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Unless we are planning to abandon having a separate USA Rulebook, we need to define in our Rulebook the schedule for when it is updated (relative to IUF Rulebook revisions) and published. The Sections 1.1 and 1.1.1 in the IUF Rulebook cover this, but are specific to that organisation. Is there any opinion from the committee members about carrying forward the corresponding sections from the current USA Rulebook as below?

1.1 These Are Official USA Rules

All NAUCCs (North American Unicycle Convention and Championships) must abide exclusively by these rules. Further rules may be added to cover specific situations, but they may not override the USA rules without prior approval by the USA Board of Directors. All additional rules must be published well in advance of competition. National or local unicycling organizations may have their own rules. 

1.1.1 Updating This Rulebook

This publication should be updated every two years after the IUF Rulebook is updated. The Committee should finish their business and make their specific proposals within three (3) months after the new IUF Rulebook is published. If they need more time, they may ask the USA Board for a time extension. This is meant to be the only time that changes to the Rulebook are made, although exceptions are possible in extraordinary cases. The USA Board is responsible for making sure that the Rulebook committee stays focused and on schedule. Anyone may submit a potential change to IUF Rulebook at any time. These will not be official proposals, but suggestions for potential topics during the next Rulebook session. A forum will also be provided to discuss potential changes throughout the year. The Rulebook Committee voting time frame and official members of the Rulebook Committee, however, will still be determined by the IUF Rulebook Committee Chair and the IUF Executive Board.


I think this is an important topic.  In the past, the USA has updated the Rulebook without allowing enough time for competitors to fully prepare for the changes before the next NAUCC.  BUT, it's also important to adopt new IUF rules for folks attending both competitions in a single year.  It's a sticky point since the IUF Rulebook oftentimes is not finalized in time for our changes.  My personal opinion is that a specific time should be included in the verbiage somehow...for example, 5 months prior to the start date of the next NAUCC.  (BTW, 5 months was just a random amount of time...)


I like the idea of adding a specific amount of time. I think that there have been times when the USA has been too cautious in this amount of time as well as times when changes have been made at the last minute. Having a set time in the rulebook would help negate personal tendencies of the board members. I think that four months seems fair. That would be the day that the rulebook would need to be published by, not simply the committee's end. That would put us at March 9th for this year.


This is a slight aside, but whatever the time period we decide, in years where the Rulebook is updated its certain that the new Rulebook will not be available before NAUCC registration opens - this means that the Rules for the event will change during the registration period. Whether a change in the Rules would have any bearing on a rider choosing to compete is debatable, but it has the potential to create misunderstanding. I'm not suggesting that we should attempt to complete the Rulebook committee before registration opens, more that we should make an effort to communicate that the event will be run according to the latest rules which will be published X months prior to the event.


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