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The IUF Rulebook does not currently have rules for a club freestyle competition. This is a fun competition at NAUCC that has been done for years. I think it would be good to add it in. We could use the language currently in the USA Rulebook for this. However, I would suggest that we use the 5 minute time limit that the IUF Rulebook voted upon for the Large Group competition. This way, clubs that want to use the same routine for both NAUCC and Unicon in the same summer won't have to have two different lengths of routines.


Yes.  Love the 5-minute time limit for synchronization purposes.


Concur that Club freestyle should be included, with text carried over from the current USA rulebook.


I should also add that I have no issue with using a 5 minute time limit for the Club event (as a change from 6 mins in the current USA Rulebook).

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